More than 60 percent of Asian executives in our survey—conducted with the Economist Intelligence Unit—said that cross-border culture differences is the key challenge when companies go global. To take a closer look, the challenges include the lack of employees with strong international work experience, and finding employees who can serve as a suitable and capable bridge between headquarters and overseas markets.
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Evernote CEO Phil Libin once envisioned a paperless world—but not anymore. As he unveiled a series of partnerships Thursday, the notetaking app’s chief made it clear that physical products will play a crucial role in Evernote’s future as it attempts to expand its base of 75 million users.

"We declared a ceasefire between pen and digital," Libin said at the Evernote Conference in San Francisco.


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From the Middle Kingdom to the Midlands-How to make China work for you in the UK?

Last week I was encouraged by colleagues of mine to attend the Social Media Cafe at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham. I had been told it was a great place to converge with marketing professionals and enthusiasts throughout the city and surrounding areas. As an aspiring professional myself, I felt that I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to feed off people’s ideas and get a better feel for my local City (also there was free cake and coffee!!!).

However, more than that I had the opportunity to engage with a confident, bright and talented start up business called Ping Pong Digital. A small group of guys who recently have started trying to harness the power of Weibo and other Chinese social media tools to support the Midlands growing business connections with China. I was surprised when they had focused mainly on Universities as they told me of the difficulties they were having in informing and alerting Birmingham based SMEs of their need to alter tactics when engaging in Asia, and many of them were unaware of the potential in engaging with Chinese social media to develop their business.

It is now common knowledge that many large western companies have tried and failed to burst into China without adapting their strategy. However little or no attention has been paid to building this awareness among smaller companies. Also arguably unlike larger companies there is a greater need for small companies to pay attention to this. It could not only help to expand their social presence, bringing more clients and stronger business links if successful but also there is a higher element of risk if they enter the market blind.

Finally, I want to add it is all well and good pointing the finger at the changing Chinese marketing scene yet ultimately British companies need to adapt simultaneously if they are to firstly identity the wealth or potential (or lack of) before they cross the pond.

'Who should handle your social media business?'-A look at the debates ongoing around social media in China.

With so much focus on China and the cities, here’s a look at the growing internet usage in the rural areas. #ruralchina #infographic #asia #internetuse

With so much focus on China and the cities, here’s a look at the growing internet usage in the rural areas. #ruralchina #infographic #asia #internetuse

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